Greetings from a Blogger “Newbie” #peel21st blog hop

Hi everyone,

So I know most of you are ‘seasoned veterans’ with the blogging world and so I am very excited to be joining you all with my first post!

The Question:  What does 21st century learning mean to me?

I think it means a lot of things.  I will try to answer this question from a teaching perspective and a learners perspective.

21st Century Teaching

I’ve always tried to be a better teacher by trying new activities in my classes and creating experiences where student risk taking is at the forefront of learning.  I find that embedding the use of technology within  lessons has created experiences  in my classes that I would have never thought would have existed when I first started teaching 14 years ago. To me 21st century ‘teaching’ is focused solely on the student.  Every time I have my students use technology i’m asking myself some questions: What is the purpose of the lesson? Why would the technology be useful here? Will my students be comfortable using it?  I firmly believe that using technology is not a way to supplement good teaching practices, but a way to enhance good practices you already have.

21st Century Learning

One of things I love about being a teacher today is discovering the “coolness” of other teachers who share the same passion about 21st century teaching and learning.  Over the past year I’ve met some really cool teachers and administrators that share the same vision and have supported me personally in my journey to teaching and learning with technology.  I have always felt that before I can become a leader in sharing the vision I must be an awesome learner.  Going to conference such as BRING IT and sharing and learning from my staff at Castlebrooke has definitely given me more confidence in learning and sharing my knowledge to staff and students.

Love this quote:

“It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders”. – Marion Ginapolis

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8 thoughts on “Greetings from a Blogger “Newbie” #peel21st blog hop

  1. Congratulations on your first blog post Josh! I hope it is the first of many. I like how you said that you expect yourself to be an ‘awesome learner’ and that you were enjoyed going to conferences and sharing with others. These are some of the things that energize me too!

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  2. I loved your phrase, “to become a leader in sharing the vision I must be an awesome learner.” I have often felt that the best way to make change in the education system is simply to “be awesome, and others will follow,” so the idea of leading and learning are so intimately linked! Great job on your first post! Looking forward to more!

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