Reflections on our November technology blitz


This months technology blitz at Castlebrooke secondary school was highly successful.  The goal was to run several “lunch and learns” on each Monday in the month of November, on various themes presented by various staff members.  Wednesday’s were open to staff to visit our “tech den” during lunches to collaborate and share or learn about tech tools they were excited about.

We kicked off the campaign with a theme called “diving into D2L” hosted by our very own science head Ryan Singh.    IMAG0003

Next, also from our science department we had Beth Lisser presenting on the collaborative online tools she uses in her classroom.

Real time collaboration while watching all kinds of videosGreat tool for real time feedback

We had staff members show how they are trying to create a paperless classroom using Learning management systems (LMS) such as:


We even showed staff how to collaborate using:

Unknown2Students sharing a google doc.

Overall I was very pleased with how it turned out.  Of course, the battle with leading staff to embrace technology will always be TIME.  How can staff learn and share if time is limited?  That’s what our tech den is for.  Only “time” will tell how successful it can become.  In the meantime we will continue to be active in promoting ways to get staff on board the 21st century ride.



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