Let Students Impress You

Engage Thinking

I just had a conversation with a student in my class that made me really happy.  I got a student to believe that her figuring out information, made her a lot happier than me giving it to her.  I got her to impress herself, and to believe that she can impress me.

Completing the square is part of our curriculum, and we teach it as just a way to change standard form to vertex form when it comes to a quadratic relationship.  So after doing a lot of fun tasks around modelling situations that end up being quadratic, we have to … complete the square.

Bottom line is that I could easily tell my students that in order to complete the square in $latex x^2+bx+c $, you take half of the “b” value and square it, but what’s the point???

The Task

My students have worked with algebra tiles before…

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