What I will miss about Castlebrooke

So my tenure at Castlebrooke Secondary School has come to an end.  After two years, I will be moving back to Central Peel Secondary school as Head of Social Sciences.  While I look forward to my new role, I look back to some amazing experiences and of course the wonderful people I met along the way…here’s some of the things I will miss at Castlebrooke.

1.  Global Studies Deptartment

What an amazing group of people to work with…we laughed, and laughed some more inside and outside of school!!


2.   Tech Den and staff sharing

Working at Castlebrooke allowed me to make a lot of connections from different departments by sharing my passion of the role of technology in education.  This Video is just glimpse of some of the connections I made and really proud of.

3.  Working with some awesome students!

How lucky was I to work with some of these amazing students?  I truly wish them all the best in their future studies.



4.  My strike experience!

It was a tough 17 days on the line but I couldn’t have done it without some awesome people along the way…



5.  Castlebrooke  staff spirit

Our staff was energetic and full of spirit.  It was truly awesome to see them care so much about their school…

6.  #Castleproud

Thanks to @seanforrest80  and @MathManAnusic who came up with the hashtag, this created the outlet to share all the amazing experiences of staff and students 


Overall in these two years I was able to share, learn and grow not only as a teacher but as an individual…Thank you Castlebrooke I had an awesome experience.  I hope we can do it again some time in the future 🙂

All the best



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